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Maintained by Approved Rolls-Royce at Grange specialists.

Choosing to have your Rolls-Royce serviced at a Grange service centre means choosing the expertise of Rolls-Royce approved technicians, technicians skilled in the latest Rolls-Royce techniques and using parts specifically designed for your car.

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Our Service

  • Approved service technicians
  • Regularly trained in the latest techniques and equipment
  • Genuine Parts
  • 12-month warranty to ensure your car receives the very best service.
  • Free checks for software and mechanical updates
  • Service record digitally
Rolls-Royce Tyres

Tyres for my Rolls-Royce

Grange supply premium, high performance tyres, including Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli, all at competitive prices and fitted by our highly trained technicians.

Rolls-Royce Care Products

Essential Care Products

Grange can also provide a number of essential care products to protect your Rolls-Royce.