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We have all the exquisite models of the Continental GT range at our Bentley dealerships now. This includes the stunning new Bentley Continental GT which boasts every feature that a grand tourer should have and much more. Unlike any other car, both the interior and exterior embody the ultimate combination of style, luxury, craftsmanship and exhilaration.

Select one of the links below for a detailed overview of the different Bentley Continental models available from Grange including the new Bentley Continental GT V8 models and contact us at one of our Bentley dealerships to arrange an appointment.

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Discover all exquisite models of the world's most stylish grand tourer range, the Bentley Continental which has a story all of its own.

*Please Note: All images and videos shown below on this page are for the New Bentley Continental GT only.



When it comes to pure performance, the Bentley Continental range delivers breath-taking results.


Impressive Power

There is no denying the unrivalled speed and acceleration that the W12 and V8 engines deliver. Both engines are capable of impressive torque results whilst remaining refined yet thrilling.

Impressive Power - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
The Famous Smooth Surge

The V8 offers no penalty against fuel economy or emissions through employing a variable displacement technology. Both engines boast the variable displacement systems, which enable half of the cylinders to switch off during gentle throttle openings, improve the efficiency of the Bentley Continental. The good news does not stop there, as the famous smooth surge of acceleration goes unaffected by the improved efficiency.

The Famous Smooth Surge - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
High Performance Capabilities - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
High-Performance Capabilities

All models in the range feature permanent all-wheel drive as an essential in Bentley's commitment to high-performance capabilities. The reassuring grip and optimum handling offer confidence in driving, whether it is a dry, sunny day or wet, icy winter's day.


The interior and exterior design of the Bentley Continental range creates a luxurious aesthetic that combines with their remarkable driving experience to make it unlike any other.


Exterior Design

The Bentley design and styling team have delivered the ultimate open-top, grand touring experience with a streamlined hood, available in eight colours. The sleek, smooth designs that Bentley are known for, are still beautifully crafted throughout, thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities in Bentley production.

Exterior Design - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Head-Turning Looks

The face boasts large, close-set inner headlamps, ringed by jewel-inspired LED lights, and the signature ‘floating' LED lights are showcased at the rear, drawing onlookers' eyes to the most supreme features of the car.

Head-Turning Looks - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Interior Design

Maximising the relationship between the inside of the car and its outside surroundings, the interior of the Continental range has a truly flawless finish.

A sophisticated combination of smooth metal panels, wood veneer and leather delivers a luxury feel throughout the interior of the car. The hand-craftsmanship and attention to detail, including the eighteen times, sanded wood, is apparent across the car's cabin – it is undoubtedly flawless.

Interior Design - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Unrivalled Comfort

Bentley knew the importance of providing its owner with a comfortable drive, fine-tuning each and every detail, from massage seats, heat ventilation seats and storage for all those important accessories. The Continental range, therefore, offers unrivalled comfort for both the driver and passengers, even on the longest of journeys.

Unrivalled Comfort - Bentley Continental Range at Grange


As with all Bentley cars, the Continental is designed for its drivers and passengers to enhance the driving and travelling experience – and Bentley's technological features do just that.


Designed for Drivers and Passengers

The Continental range offers supreme soft seats for all passengers, with front-seat ventilation systems to keep passengers cool when the hood of the Convertibles in the range is tucked away on a warm sunny day. The system comes hand in hand with massage options equipped with two lumbar massage cells and ten surface massage cells – guaranteed for a relaxing journey wherever the destination.

Designed for Drivers and Passengers - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Fully Equipped Infotainment

The centre console provides an 8" touchscreen with fully equipped infotainment systems – from trip data and navigation to comfort controls and entertainment, the driver has easy access at all times. The systems have optional Wi-Fi hotspots, operated by a SIM card, to provide support for tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Fully Equipped Infotainment - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Impressive Audio - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Impressive Audio

The Continental's audio sound system features eight Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers for a sound that surrounds the vehicle with impeccable clarity. However, for an ultimate sound experience, the upgradable Naim Bentley premium audio system features an additional three speakers and a 1,100-watt amplifier. The system's ‘brain' can re-time the sound to make sure that the bass from the boot-mounted subwoofer reaches the listener's ears at the same time as the treble from the front dashboard-mounted tweeters.


When it comes down to making your Bentley your own, your options are extensive. There will be no one who has a Bentley Continental quite the same as yours.


Limitless Choice

Bentley take personalisation to a whole new unique level! Your colour options are almost limitless – if you have a colour requirement in mind, Bentley's paint specialists are able to match that colour and reproduce it for the body's paintwork.

Personalisation - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Handcrafted Over Time

The hand-stitched leather used as a standard in the Bentley Continental range offers the high performance that a grand tourer requires. Available in 17 different hide colours, with single or two-colour options, contrast stitching can be used on the car seats, door panels, centre console and armrests. To take luxury personalisation to the next level, all four seats can be hand cross-stitched for the ultimate hand-crafted interior.

Handcrafted Over Time - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Bespoke Specifications - Bentley Continental Range at Grange
Bespoke Specifications

It is not just your seats and bodywork that is available in an extensive range of colours. The hood of the convertible model offers further opportunities for personalisation as well. The four-layer hood itself is available in 8 different colours. Other bespoke specifications include Wheel options – with six different finishes available, Premier Specification, Interior Style Specification, All-Weather Specification and Classic Specification.

Choosing a Continental exposes you to a range of accessories, from styling options to travelling essentials, all designed to complement the already flawless car.

Bentley Continental Range at Grange

Unprecedented Style


Other options are available too. For any queries about additional extras, or for the availability around any of the Bentley Continental range including the new Continental GT, please contact us or visit one of our Bentley dealerships.



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