The XE is a remarkable vehicle that seamlessly blends comfort and performance, making it a must-have for any discerning driver. The XE boasts finely weighted steering and quick, faithful turn-in, making it an incredibly enjoyable and agile car to drive. These fine driving characteristics are present across all models, making it an appealing choice for any driver.

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R-Dynamic S

R-Dynamic S


The XE has an exceptional balance between ride comfort and engaging handling, making it a top choice for drivers seeking both comfort and excitement. The finely weighted steering, coupled with quick and faithful turn-in, elevates the XE's agility and driving experience to new heights.

R-Dynamic S



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Based on R-Dynamic S

Exterior Design

The Jaguar XE boasts a sleek and elegant design, complete with standard LED headlights featuring signature DRL and Animated Directional Indicators. These headlights not only provide exceptional visibility, but also add a touch of sophistication to the vehicles overall aesthetic.

Interior design

The cockpit-style interior of this vehicle provides unparalleled comfort. You can sink into the form-hugging seats, which are available in DuoLeather for a sleek look, or opt for the luxurious Windsor leather for a more refined feel. Either way, you will be riding in style and comfort.

R-Dynamic S

R-Dynamic S