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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

Progress Meets Performance

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

Take a step towards an electric Bentley future with the new Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid luxury car combining sustainable design with effortless performance. The new Flying Spur Hybrid demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship and exhilarating performance. This refined model will become the new started for luxury hybrids.

Enquire about this stunning Bentley's availability now at either Bentley Chelmsford or Bentley Tunbridge Wells.

*Flying Spur Hybrid is available to order in most markets but is currently not available in EU27, UK, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Norway, Turkey, and Vietnam.



There is no denying the outstanding power and unrivalled luxury of the Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid.

Drive Without Compromise

With a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged petrol engine and a powerful 100kW electric motor, the Flying Spur Hybrid offers effortless power on the open road alongside the ability to drive on electric power alone. Even without the petrol engine engaged, you can drive at motorway speeds. But this isn't just about responsible driving - it's about exhilaration too. Thanks to the additional torque delivered by the electric motor, acceleration is instant. The car surges forward with all the smooth, refined power the world expects from a Bentley.

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Drive Without Compromise
Responsibility Meets Power

For passengers, the sensation is not unlike flying in a private jet. For the driver, meanwhile, the experience is invigorating – and the numbers are truly formidable: 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds) and a top speed of 177 mph (285 km/h)*. The petrol engine has been optimised for efficiency as well as performance, helping to make this car the most environmentally friendly Flying Spur ever built. But make no mistake – this is a phenomenally powerful luxury sedan.

*Performance data subject to final certification

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Responsibility Meets Power


The second Bentley hybrid to be launched, the Flying Spur Hybrid stands as a progressive statement of sustainable luxury design.

Style With A Certain Spark

Its streamlined profile balances elegance with aerodynamic efficiency, while a long, flowing roofline evokes a sense of effortless power. Look closer, however, and the details reveal even more. A ‘Hybrid' front fender badge identifies the car – a clear reference to the powertrain beneath its gleaming bonnet – while its 20” wheels are designed to catch the eye, with imposing 21” and 22” options available for those who desire even more road presence.


Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Exterior Design
Designed To Make Progress

Crafted by hand at the factory in Crewe, the finish is everything you'd expect from a Bentley hybrid: in a word, unrivalled. Beautifully crafted veneers come together with the hide colours of your choice in a cabin where space and light are simply more abundant than they are in lesser cars. The entire interior is crafted by hand, reflecting Bentley's peerless attention to detail – so whether you sit behind the wheel or behind the driver, every journey is truly luxurious.


Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Interior Design
Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Special Edition
Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Special Edition

To pave the way for its future design direction, Bentley has created a limited edition car that showcases the very latest in sustainable craft. The Flying Spur Hybrid Odyssean Edition features a raft of unique styling and materials inspired by Bentley's vision for the years ahead.

A Near-Silent Experience

Thanks to the quiet operation of the electric motor, travelling inside the car is a near-silent experience – until the time is right to switch into Sport mode and put your foot down. Only then will you notice an unmistakable exhaust note arising from the car's quad oval tailpipes as it surges forward on an effortless wave of electric and petrol power.

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - A Near-Silent Experience



The most advanced Flying Spur ever built, the Flying Spur Hybrid is a showcase of Bentley technology and a real step forward in luxury hybrid cars.

A Perfectly Balanced Drive

Its combination of petrol and electric power means it can offer three driving modes. EV Drive mode allows you to make short journeys on electric power alone. Hybrid mode enables the car to toggle between the petrol engine and electric power to make your journey as simple as possible. In this mode, the car's smart navigation system can run in Predictive E-Mode. This does more than simply set out the most direct route. It autonomously adjusts the balance between petrol and electric power throughout your journey to minimise emissions. It looks at route distance, battery levels, speed limits, number of junctions, and likely levels of traffic congestion, then works out which parts of the journey should be powered by the engine and which can rely on the electric motor. The third option is Hold mode, which strikes a different balance. Here, the car relies mainly on its petrol engine with some electric propulsion, balanced by regenerative braking to recoup battery power for when you really need it.

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Technology
Seamless Integration

The MyBentley app includes features to make life with your Flying Spur Hybrid even easier. It enables you to check remotely how much battery charge remains at any time. You can access statistics on your journeys and even control the car's interior comfort systems remotely. For example, you can programme the car to begin charging before you need to drive it. You can even pre-heat (or pre-cool) the cabin to an optimum temperature before you get in. And of course, you are not limited to performing these functions on your phone. Every feature can be accessed using the central touchscreen in the dash.

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Seamless Integration
Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - See It Your Way
See It Your Way

The 12.3” central touchscreen can be divided into two or three separate windows if desired, and fully customised to prioritise information that is important to both the driver and front passenger.

In the digital instrument display behind the steering wheel, the car features elegant new graphics. You can choose whether to view the dials in Classic or Expanded mode – the latter offering a wider view of the navigation map, in addition to the view on the central touchscreen. You can even choose whether the numbers on the speedometer appear in miles or kilometres per hour.

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Start With Colour

When you commission your Flying Spur Hybrid, you can choose from a standard palette of seven paint colours. But that's just the beginning. There is also the option to choose from Bentley's extended range, giving you access to a further 80 paint colours. If you still don't see the shade that you are looking for, you can opt for a bespoke colour-matched paint from Mulliner, Bentley's personal commissioning division.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Start With Colour
Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Finesse Your Vision
The Beauty Of Wood

Inside, your choice of five standard hide colours can be complemented with any one of ten single veneers – including traditional choices such as Dark Stained Burr Walnut and open-pore veneers such as Koa or Dark Burr Walnut. You can add a chrome pinstripe or choose one of six Dual Veneers by Mulliner, adding a contrasting Black section to bring out the beauty of the wood.

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Bright chrome matrix grilles can also be added to give your Flying Spur Hybrid even more presence as it approaches. If you're looking for a darker aesthetic, the Blackline Specification turns the matrix grilles and most of the exterior brightware black – everything, in fact, except the badges. The result is an eye-catching injection of extra attitude.

For any queries, to enquire about customising your own Bentley or for availability of the Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid, please contact us or visit your local Grange Bentley dealership.


Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid - Progress Meets Performance at Grange

Progress Meets Performance.

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